Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have been waiting for this. I use BBEdit for my text editing needs. I gave up on TextMate a few months ago. I got tired of waiting for version 2.0 of TextMate.

QuickCursor gives me the ability to write everything in BBEdit irrespective of what program I am in. So, for instance, if I am on a comment form in an online forum, I can press a keystroke command and the highlighted portion of the text I am commenting on gets copied to BBEdit and I can finish my reply there. After I am done, I can press Command S (Save) and Command W (Close the window) and immediately I am switched to the comment form in my browser, the text highlighted is now replaced by the complete text of the BBEdit window I closed. All this happens automagically and saves me a bunch of copy and paste and switching between application commands.

It is magic and I love it.

QuickCursor works with BBEdit, Espresso, MacVim, Smultron, SubEthaEdit, TextMate, TextWrangler, and WriteRoom.

Mac App Store Gem:
QuickCursor. Available for $4.99. Buy it.

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